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Since the oldest times, sex has been given special attention. That’s why there are so many books and articles about sex, so many types of porn, including usual and kinky ones, such as involving swinging or voyeur cams, and so many positions. One of the popular ways of diversifying sex is swinging.

What Is SDC?

Swinging is sex with two or more couples the partners of which are generally in a committed relationship. It’s a popular kink and there are a lot of swinging clubs and websites where couples can find each other. One of these websites is, the motto of which is “Seek yourself, discover together, and create moments with SDC”.

It’s not the website just about swinging, though. It’s a full sex forum where anyone can find information about something kinky, and all this information is filed professionally and elegantly. All sorts of articles, discussion of relevant topics, answers to popular questions can be found on SDC.

Going to the website, you see the motto and the short description of the platform. Just below, you can find the recommended and trendy articles, and at the very top, there are numerous convenient tabs. Click on what you’re interested in and start exploring.

SDC Categories

  • Group

This is where you can study information about group sex, different types of orgies, including swinging, see lots of advice and other useful stuff. If you want to have your first orgy or update your knowledge about it, definitely look there. SDC is known for its high-quality content.

  • Sex

Here you can find information just about sex. Do you know everything about anal sex, double penetration, squirting, tantra? If your answer is “no”, it means you should stop here for a while. There’s lots of useful information for couples.

  • Kink

This section is for more liberated people who are ready to try something extravagant, like using real life cams to film sex. Many of us are kinky inside, so why not to learn more information about kinky sex and turn desires into reality?

  • Erotic

Here is the info about different erotic things that can be useful during foreplay and which can enhance your relationship with romance and light erotica.

  • LGBTQ+

Discover more about gays, lesbians, transgender, and bisexuals.

  • Relationships

Do you think you know all about relationships? Even if your answer is “yes”, there is no such thing as too much knowledge! In this SDC category, you can find information about open relationships, advice about excessive self-love and others.

  • Health

Health is one of the most important things in our life, and sexual health is particularly crucial. In this section, you can find a ton of useful information about physical health, vaginal health, sexual therapy, mental health, and others.

  • Media

You can find some relevant videos, podcasts, and news here.

  • Travel

Information about trips for couples that can be a nice, romantic way to enhance your relationship.

  • More

Clubs, parties, information about members — the dating options are presented here, so if you’re interested, check it out now. SDC is an amazing and functional site with a smart design. All its information is relevant and of great educational value.

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