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Birth of Webcam Sex Industry

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Birth of Webcam Sex Industry

Sex has always received a lot of attention. It’s always been something exciting and interesting, and millions of people watch porn every day, even right now, as porn is literally being watched every second. Because of such interest in sex, certain people came up with new exciting things like special sex plots and formats. One of the modern porn formats is camming.

It all started with the creation of webcam in 1991 when people got the opportunity to speak and connect with each other with the help of cameras. Later, the opportunities expanded even more, and now we can cam ourselves live. It caused the appearance of different webcam sex sites, when models, both women, and men, can film themselves having sex and doing other kinky stuff while people watch them online and pay money to them whenever possible.

First Prototypes of Webcam Sex Websites

Speaking about the first website where people could watch something kinky recorded on webcams online, it appeared in 1996. American student Jennifer Ringley created a website called “JennyCam”. She placed her camera in her bedroom and it automatically made photos every few minutes. The camera shot how the Jenny brushed her teeth, dressed and undressed, showed stripteases and other stuff, with the images being broadcast over the Internet.

In 1998, she added the system of free and paid access. In the same year, a similar commercial website was created, and it was called “AmandaCam”, where people could watch live videos from cameras located at different places in Amanda’s house. The main feature of this website was the added online chat, where viewers could ask something or say something to the performer.

Camming Nowadays

Now, real life cam business became a multibillion-dollar area. At this second, more than 12000 models are online, and more than 200 000 viewers are watching them. But why do viewers like it? Why is typical porn considered outdated as compared to progressive camming?

  • The awareness that what the viewer sees on screen is happening right now. A lot of people think that it’s arousing as it gives them a feeling of contacting someone in real life.
  • Viewers can ask anything they want, and usually webcam models are ready to do anything depending on the fee. A lot of people like to take control of something or someone this way.
  • Viewers can get a feel of cheating but without actually doing it. In most cases, the viewer and model don’t know each other, live in different cities or even countries, so the chance of their meeting is minimal.

In just a couple of years, camming found a lot of fans, and now it is the huge industry where you can find anything you want. That can be straight sex, lesbian sex, gay sex, swings, orgies, people who enjoy pleasuring themselves, and others. Voyeur house shows give you a chance to see all this stuff live legally.

Also, you can be not only a viewer, but also a performer if you are above 18. It’s an easy and fun way to make some money. You can just masturbate, giving yourself pleasure and filming it, and some people will like it. This business is flourishing for a reason!

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